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Conference recordings


Available videos and presentations from the State of Black Health Conference.

[Opening Sessions - Thursday, September 7]

  • Purpose of the State of Black Health & Introduction of the Keynote Speaker

  • State of Black Health Address (Keynote)

  • State of Black Health Response Panel - 01:27:20

    • Moderator: Delmonte Jefferson, Executive Director, The Center for Black Health & Equity

    • Panelists:

      • Ala Stanford, MD, FACS, FAAP, Founder, Black Doctors Consortium; Founder, Center for Health Equity; Former Regional Director, Department of Health and Human Services

      • Marilu Cintron, ED.D, MSW, Auxiliary Secretary, Family Health and Health Promotion, Puerto Rico Department of Health

      • Daniel Dawes, JD, DHL (Hon.), Senior Vice President of Global Health Equity and Executive Director of the Institute of Global Health Equity, Meharry Medical College

      • Richard Besser, MD, President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

  • Addressing the Gun Violence Epidemic through a Public Health Lens - 02:18:04

    • Panelists: 

      • Angelina Ruffin, PhD, Managing Director, Center for Gun Violence Research and Education, Kaiser Permanente

  • ​​Breathing in Black Joy with Chris Omni, PhD, MPH, MLS, Postdoctoral Scholar, Florida State University - 02:41:07

[Breakout Highlight - Partners in Puerto RicoThursday, September 7]

[Afternoon Sessions - Thursday, September 7]

  • Community Spotlight: Be You: Youth Tobacco & Vaping Prevention Program - 00:18

    • Presented by Caffee, Caffee and Associates

  • Words from Our Sponsor: Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids - 09:50

    • Presenter: John Bowman, JD, Executive Vice President, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

  • Community Spotlight (Zimbabwe)Friendship Bench - 14:54

[Lunch Session - Friday, September 8]


  • Storytelling & Equity-Centered Policy Change Panel

    • Moderator: Natasha Phelps, JD, Director of Equity-Centered Policies,
      The Center for Black Health & Equity

    • Group One Panelists:

    • Manire Vaughn, JD, M.J., Lead Senior Staff Attorney for Climate Justice, Public Health Law Center

    • Tonya Curry, JD, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center

    • Safia Abdinur, MPH, Policy Analyst,  Public Health Law Center

    • Daniel Dawes, JD, DHL (Hon.), Senior Vice President of Global Health Equity and ExecutiveDirector of the Institute of Global Health Equity, Meharry Medical College

    • Nelson Dunlap, JD, Vice President, Public Policy & External Affairs, Meharry Medical Colleg

    • Group Two Panelists:

    • Minou Jones, Founder and CEO, Making it Count Community Development Corporation

    • Avis Gray, RN, MSN, Leader of Health Equity,  Ashé Cultural Arts Center

    • Monica Millon, Administrative Coordinator/Community Healthworker, Ashé Cultural Arts Center

[Afternoon Session - Thursday, September 7]

  • Birthing Justice Panel

    • Moderator: Joia Crear-Perry, MD, President, National Birth Equity Collaborative 

    • Panelists:​​

      • Nicole Deggins, Founder and CEO, Sista Midwife Productions

      • Lourdes Inoa Monegro, MPH, Director of Women’s Health, Taller Salud 

      • Krystal Redman, DrPH, MA, Executive Director, SPARK

      • Kanika Harris, PhD, Sr. Director of Maternal Health, Black Women’s Health Imperative

[Afternoon Sessions - Friday, September 8]

  • Words from Our Sponsor: Medtronic - 00:32

    • ​Presenter: Sonja Thompson, PCM, Sr. Manager, U.S. Field Market Development–Pelvic Health

  • Partnership Highlight: Compassion and Choices

  • Words from Our Sponsor: American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network - 10:50

    • Presenter: Nishith Pandya, Director of Federal Relations, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

  • Conversations We Are Not Having Panel Across the Cancer Continuum - 19:25

    • Moderator: Ena Wanliss, MS, National Partnership Project Lead, Comprehensive Cancer Control Branch, Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    • Panelists:

    • Nikki Hayes, MPH, Branch Chief, Comprehensive Cancer Control Branch, Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, National Center of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    • Jayla Burton, MPH, Project Manager, LGBT Cancer Network 

    • Katherine Tossas, PhD, MS, Director, Catchment Area Data Alignment, Office of Health Equity and Disparities Research, Virginia Commonwealth University, Massey Cancer Center 

    • Shonta Chambers, MSW, Executive Vice President-Health Equity Initiatives and Community Engagement, Patient Advocate Foundation

Presentations from SBH Breakout Sessions

  • PRESENTATION FILE - Yikes: You Might Be Part of the Problem (But Don’t Have to Be)

  • PRESENTATION FILE - Building Bright Futures: Empowering & Exploring the Health Impact of Racial Wealth Disparities 

  • PRESENTATION FILE - Organize Communities & Organizations to Advocate

  • PRESENTATION FILE - Eliminating Food Deserts and Improving Healthy Nutrition in Low Income Communities

  • PRESENTATION FILE - Healthy Babies, Healthy Mothers: Reversing Health Inequities in During Childbirth - Barriers to Breastfeeding at the Macro and Micro Levels

  • PRESENTATION FILE - Economic Empowerment for All: A Journey Through the Federal Reserve's Community Development 

  • PRESENTATION FILE - Centering Black Women-Led Community Interventions: Collaborating for Gender & Racial Economic Equity through Early Childhood Education

  • PRESENTATION FILE - Healthy Black Lives Require Healthy Housing

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