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Dr. Krystal Redman

Dr. Krystal Redman or KR (they/she)

Rooted in her political lineage of grassroots organizing and activism centering Black and queer liberation and health freedom in the heart of LA–Dr. Redman centers her work in Health Justice, the liberation of folx who reside deep within the margins and in Reproductive Justice. Dr. Redman is a self-published author, and a frequent speaker throughout sexual and reproductive justice, and health justice movement(s), as well as in the public health sector. They bring over 17 years of experience in leading health promotion and disease prevention initiatives, as well as organizing towards equitable access, care and treatment within community-based and centered programs.

Mainly, her role(s) have centered on working to expand resources, information, health education, and access to equitable care and coverage to those with the furthest proximity to power. Their paid passions include being the Executive Director SPARK Reproductive Justice Now!, inc. and of Breast Cancer Action, as well as an Adjunct Professor at Rollins Emory School of Public Health. Beyond her work in service to those with the furthest relationships to power, Dr. Redman is most proud and driven by their role as a parent to her cute little ones “Amyr and Ariya” who keeps her animated, grounded and centered.

Dr. Krystal Redman
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