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Shonta Chambers

Shonta Chambers is a seasoned non-profit executive and public health professional whose career spans more than 25 years’ experience in chronic disease prevention, health promotion, community engagement and women’s health. As Executive Vice President Health Equity Initiatives and Community Engagement for Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF), she is responsible for the development and execution of the Foundation’s national strategy to address health equity, with a specific focus on persons with chronic and complex health conditions residing in low-income communities with high disease morbidity and premature mortality. This includes establishing benchmarks to measure progress and impact. Shonta specifically drives program initiatives that respond to unaddressed social determinants of health and the social need gaps caused by them. As the staff lead for PAF’s health equity work promoting person-centered care, she engages strategically with community stakeholders aligning with all facets where people seek assistance, to mitigate barriers to healthcare. Shonta also serves as the Principal Investigator for the SelfMade Health Network, one of eight national networks supported by CDC-RFA-DP18-1808: Networking2Save: CDC’s National Network Approach to Preventing and Controlling Tobacco-related Cancers in Special Populations. She provides leadership in the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based strategies to advance the prevention of commercial tobacco use and promote early detection of cancer among populations with low socio-economic characteristics with the overall goal of decreasing related disparities.

Shonta Chambers
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