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Zvikomborero Tsiga

Zvikomborero Tsiga is a seasoned fundraiser. Her passion is connecting great ideas to opportunities that catalyze growth and scale. She has experience in the education, nutrition, gender mainstreaming, diversity, and inclusion fields. Over the past decade, Zvikomborero has worked in South Africa where she led the development of fundraising systems and grew the funding base of the organizations she worked for. She is currently leading fundraising efforts for Friendship Bench, a Zimbabwean-based, indigenous organization at the forefront of delivering a unique model to respond to the challenge of access to mental health. 

Zvikomborero has an Honours Degree in Development Studies from Fort Hare University and a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Rural Development from Great Zimbabwe University. She holds a Certificate in Project Management: A Monitoring and Evaluation Approach from the University of Cape Town, and an Executive Certificate in NPO Management from Stellenbosch University.

Zvikomborero Tsiga
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