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Maria Tirado

Maria Tirado is a proud African-Puerto Rican native of Los Angeles California and briefly lived abroad in Germany. She was influenced by her mother - now an ancestor - to be mindful of mother earth, social and economic injustices and community responsibility as they volunteered with numerous political campaigns and social causes.  As an adult, Maria continued this legacy as a former neighborhood council member, neighborhood watch captain and skid row shelter volunteer.  Due to the small family makeup, caregiving was always present throughout her careers in Retail Sales, Software Development and Financial Services. 

While caring for her mother, Maria located her father with legal issues and later diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  After his transition, her mother's care needs increased and Maria became a full-time In-Home Supportive Service (IHSS) care provider.  In caring for her parents, she became vastly aware of the disparities and challenges in providing care, maintaining her health and the economic and social impacts.

Maria still provides support to her neighbor and a friend and is committed to advocating - especially among our communities - for caregivers' rights and our importance.

Maria Tirado
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