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Laneir Landry

Laneir Landry has over ten years of experience in the field of Early Care and Education as a coach, trainer, observer, consultant, and project manager across multiple regions in Louisiana and Texas. Laneir brings a cross-state approach to growing Early Childhood Education programs and performance recommendations for Quality Rating and Improvement Systems surrounding advocacy, research and data, and implementation.

Laneir holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Child and Consumer Sciences from Louisiana State University with a concentration in Early Childhood as well as several professional certifications including Frog Street Trainer, Creative Curriculum Trainer, TS Gold Trainer, as well as CLASS Observer and Affiliate CLASS Trainer. She is also an Infant/Toddler Adjunct Professor at Midland College in Midland Texas and a consultant for Teachstone.

Laneir is passionate about helping childcare owners, directors, and teachers find success while providing high-quality, research-based care for the families and children they serve.

Laneir Landry
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