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Herumakhi Mutefnout

Herumakhi Mutefnout is the Director of Data Strategy and Innovation with the Network for College Success (NCS) at the University of Chicago, Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice. As a coach and facilitator, Herumakhi leads the development, monitoring and learning of the organization's measurement plan.

For over 10 years, He has supported education leaders in building the capacity to understand, collect, transform, and socialize data within their context. Encouraging leaders to initiate hard conversations, prioritize efforts and develop shared meaning while simultaneously checking their assumptions, disrupting their biases and adjusting their practice.

Herumakhi has the unique ability to humanize data stories and cultures. Supported 9th Grade On-Track work in both urban and rural areas from the city of Chicago to the suburbs of Portland. In 2014, he established the NCS Data Community building the knowledge and skills of data strategists to use data for transformation.

Herumakhi is certified by the Leadership and Learning Center in "Decision Making for Results and Data Teams." He has also been trained by the CORE Districts of California in Continuous Improvement and was a co-presenter in the 2021 Carnegie webinar series, Spotlight on quality Continuous Improvement.

Herumakhi, a native of North Carolina, received his Master’s Degree from North Carolina Central University and Bachelors of Science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Herumakhi Mutefnout
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