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Dr. Whitney Hamilton

Whitney N. Hamilton is an Assistant Professor of Healthcare Services Administration at Middle Georgia State University. Dr. Hamilton is a passionate and motivated professor committed to inspiring students to strive for academic and personal excellence with experience in undergraduate and graduate education. She is dedicated to fostering a learning environment that promotes cultural awareness and an appreciation of diversity. Dr. Hamilton is also committed to increasing student engagement by creating opportunities for real-life exploration that will encourage students to have a child-like curiosity that embraces life-long learning. 

As an accomplished researcher with proven history of scholarly dedication through collaborative research projects with multidisciplinary teams, textbook and journal article publications, Hamilton’s vision is to aid in the improvement of healthcare access, to engage in medical innovation and research, while upholding the highest ethics. Dr. Hamilton’s research primarily investigates the role of policy on maternal and child health, specifically seeking to further the development of comprehensive policies that will aid in the improvement of healthcare quality and access for vulnerable populations. Her previous research also includes a National Institutes of Health funded project, which sought to identify modifiable risk factors during the transition from home to care that influence the long-term effects of an Acute Coronary Syndrome event. 

Dr. Whitney Hamilton
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