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Dr. Cassandra Carter

Dr. Cassandra Carter is a Lead Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton in Bethesda, Maryland. Her most recent work centers on recording and measuring health equity. Dr. Carter has worked with numerous community organizations, federal partners, and community college settings to bring health equity into the foreground. Using a sociological lens to focus on the social aspects of health, Dr. Carter uses action-based research to demonstrate how policy has the most significant potential to drive forward equity. To this extent, she has developed a health equity measurement model designed to assist organizations at every level with their health equity approach, studied disparities from a policy standpoint by evaluating federal programs such as the End Stage Renal Disease Program, and participated in the evaluation of the ROI in federal government programs.


Dr. Carter is an adjunct instructor at Montgomery College-Germantown Campus; in her introductory sociology classes, she uses the inequities of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency to identify power differentials, class struggles, and the intersection of health and social background. Dr. Carter won a Racial and Social Equity Grant for $10,000.00 for a DC-based organization (DC FAPAC). Additionally, Dr. Carter leads a Free Community Wellness Class (Zumba) to reduce barriers and encourage community engagement. Dr. Carter is a member of the American Public Health Association, Academy Health, and the founder of the Health Equity Network, a Booz Allen internal effort where she has hosted and facilitated numerous equity-focused events and contributed to equity blogs.

Dr. Cassandra Carter
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