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Cassandra Cantave Burton

Cassandra Cantave Burton serves as a Senior Research Advisor at AARP.  Her portfolio includes managing and providing content expertise on internal and external aging issues with a focus on LGBTQ, people with disabilities and multicultural communities.

Cassandra leads the AARP LGBTQ research and has partnered with organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, SAGE and the National Center for Trans Equity to advocate for, leverage and disseminate LGBTQ research and insights.

Before joining AARP, Cassandra worked at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, where she spearheaded a database for African- American statistics allowing consumers to locate federal data in one central location. She also worked alongside policy experts to create data briefs on the state of Black America.  


Cassandra holds a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from Walden University, a Master’s degree in Sociology from Howard University and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion certification from the American Management Association.

Cassandra Cantave Burton
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