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Miasha "Meeka" Forbes

Miasha "Meeka" Forbes, The Icon Queen Mother AlphaOmega 

A mother, Advocate, Hall of Famer, and well-respected fixture of the House and Ballroom community, Miasha, has been hitting the Ballroom runway with fervor since the mid-1990s. She received Legendary status in 2008, stepping into the Iconic lane eight years later, in 2016, and becoming a Philadelphia Hall of Fame Inductee in 2023. As Queen Mother of the Haus of AlphaOmega, faculty at the Crystal La’Beija Organizing Fellowship and Keeping Ballroom Alive Community Network, and recipient of the Octavia St. Laurent Trailblazer and Avis Penda’vis Angel Awards, her work within community extends well off the runway, spearheading survival, educational, and empowerment efforts to include and support priority populations. The life-changing impact she’s had on community have landed her features with Rolling Stone Magazine, Coach, GLAAD, and the Daily Show, to name a few.

Miasha "Meeka" Forbes
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